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This utility provides information about different models and specific meters manufactured by EZ Meter Technologies. Data about specific meters can be obtained by entering the serial number printed on the meter label or by scanning the barcode on the label into a browser. Additionally, the QR code printed on the shipping container will load info for that meter.

Enter Serial #
(e.g. 59811)

Enter Scanned Barcode
(e.g. 5310E9A3)

Enter Model #
(e.g. A3131/3)

EZ Meter

11030 Cochiti Rd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123


+01 805-688-9696

EZ Meter manufactures revenue-grade electric Kwh submeters primarily for 2 of the 3 electric submeter markets, as well as corresponding remote communication and enclosures....including multiple meter units (MMU).

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