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Automatic Meter Reading

Remotely reading meters is becoming a normal everyday occurance as the price and availability of such equipment becomes more affordable. Here at EZ Meter we have been busy trying to stay up to date with all the latest technology and implementing what we can. Every site is different so there are a lot of options when choosing a remote reading solution. The important things to let us know before we can quote or recommend a solution is what is physically available at the location….wifi? Ethernet? Hard-wire? New construction or retro fit? This will allow us to put together a package that suits your needs and budget.

Using serial communication allows the meter to report kilowatt hours as well as volts, amps, watts, power factor, phase angle, hertz and polarity. The meters can be connected together either by a wired network, a wireless network, or very commonly, a combination of both. The meter network itself can be connected either to a local computer, to a local ethernet network (LAN), or to the internet.

Each meter has either an RS-485 port which can be connected either to a wired or wireless network. Because the meter is not grounded, these ports are optically and electrically isolated from the electronics on the meter. They require a separate low-voltage power supply to power the isolated side of the communications port.

We Know How To Help You

Having manufactured Kwh submeters for 20+ years we know a thing or two about the industry and how to help you. We are still privately owned, so if you need assistance you are not going to get a call center in India, we will help you every step of the way.

We don’t want to pay outrageous prices for products, so why would we charge our clients more? No, we believe in producing a high-quality product at an affordable rate, pure and simple. We don’t have the overhead our competitors do and we don’t need to feed a huge corp machine a bottom line that would make a royal blush.

Being a small family-run operation has its perks! We are in a much better position to customize our products to our client’s needs without having to go through a bunch of red tape. This is probably why we have over 10,000 different configurations of our meters!

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EZ Meter manufactures revenue-grade electric Kwh submeters primarily for 2 of the 3 electric submeter markets, as well as corresponding remote communication and enclosures....including multiple meter units (MMU).

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