Well the time has finally come…we had to leave California. And where we are sad to leave behind our old digs, we are excited for our new and improved location and capabilities! Other than our location, everything else is staying the same so you don’t have to worry about getting a hold of us, well unless you are stopping by, but lets be honest, no one stopped by!

Our new “corp headquarters” comes equipped with an electrical clean room, and climate control throughout its entire 6,000 sqft…plenty of room for everyone to have their own office and leave Ryan alone! We are fully set up and at full production capacity with dedicated rooms for producing CT’s, meter calibration, enclosure assembly, shipping and enclosure manufacturing! If you ever saw our previous home you saw we were running out of space fast and our new home has plenty of space for us to grow into….we can’t wait! If any of ya’ll are in the area please don’t hesitate to stop by!