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Factory Wiring

If the conditions are right it is much more affordable and EZ to have EZ Meter do the wiring at the factory. This can only happen if it is a 3 phase MMU, a true single-phase MMU, and all communication wiring. We can do and we highly recommend doing Modbus communication regardless of electrical application. This service costs $20 a meter.

Factory Wiring

We Know How To Help You

Having manufactured Kwh submeters for 20+ years we know a thing or two about the industry and how to help you. We are still privately owned, so if you need assistance you are not going to get a call center in India, we will help you every step of the way.

We don’t want to pay outrageous prices for products, so why would we charge our clients more? No, we believe in producing a high-quality product at an affordable rate, pure and simple. We don’t have the overhead our competitors do and we don’t need to feed a huge corp machine a bottom line that would make a royal blush.
Being a small family-run operation has its perks! We are in a much better position to customize our products to our client’s needs without having to go through a bunch of red tape. This is probably why we have over 10,000 different configurations of our meters!

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EZ Meter主要为 3 个电分表市场中的 2 个制造收入级电 Kwh 分表,以及相应的远程通信和外壳……包括多电表单元 (MMU)。

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