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这是大约 4 年前提出的一个想法,当时它被认为太超前了。 随着技术的进步, EZ Meter正在重新审视这一市场空间,并完成了一种能够监测货物集装箱发电机的仪表的开发,以确保在运输过程中没有任何损坏,并通过GPS提供货物的位置。


Multiple case studies exist showing the benefits of billing tenants for their electrical usage and the direct corelation on overall facility electrical waste. Since the world has begun taking a proactive stance in its fight for energy conservation numerous solutions have been presented, but by far the most effective has been presenting a bill to the tenant responsible for consumption. This has a proven track record of reducing electrical waste. The concept has begun to be applied to energy management for overall facility electrical comsumption in commercial and industrial applications. The idea here is not to necessarily bill for usage, but to monitor consumption to reduce waste, improve/reduce environmental footprint , and ultimately increase the companies bottom line.

This all starts by accurately benchmarking and managing consumption, to reduce waste, and be more proactive to electrical needs instead of reactive. Let EZ Meter help you accomplish your energy goals.

EZ 仪表

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EZ Meter主要为 3 个电分表市场中的 2 个制造收入级电 Kwh 分表,以及相应的远程通信和外壳……包括多电表单元 (MMU)。

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